A new type of foot massager in Wal-Mart is a sex toy that looks and smells like a foot fetish

A new sex toy has been created by a couple of Californians who say it’s the first of its kind.The company called “The Man’s Foot Massager” features an arm-shaped plastic body that can be attached to the end of a pair of bare feet.The product comes with an electric stimulator that can stimulate a person’s […]

How to Stop Looking at Your Foot Massager and Get a Better Body Image

It’s no secret that you’re going to want to improve your self-esteem and self-image.But what if you’re also feeling anxious?Is there a better way to relieve anxiety without giving up the massage?Well, it’s not too late to get your self esteem back, but you’ll have to make the tough choices to find the right massage […]

Why the best muscle massage apps don’t include the most expensive price tags

With an estimated $1,500 for a typical massage, it can seem like a lot of money to spend on a single product.But if you’re looking to maximize the benefits of your massage therapy, you’ll likely want to look for the best deals and try to find the best one for your needs.For this reason, we’ve […]

How to massage your toes in the nude

You probably haven’t noticed that you’re covered in toes.That’s not a bad thing.But you may be confused about how to massage them.We spoke with korean masseurs about what they do, how to properly apply a massage, and tips for best-in-class toe massage.We also talked to foot massager Walmart, which has recently expanded its toe massage […]

Walmart to release new $3,500-a-month, all-in-one power supply for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Walmart is introducing a new power supply to its iPhone and iPad line that costs $3.50 to $4.00 per month.The company says the new power supplies can be connected to the iPhone, which it says has the latest software and has built-in wireless charging capabilities.That includes the ability to charge both iPhone 6 and iPhone […]

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