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What you need to know about stone massage: What you should know about it

In a study published in The Lancet, researchers found that those who used massagers with oil that contains either palm oil or coconut oil had significantly lower blood pressure and higher blood sugar levels than those who did not.The study, which was conducted in Brazil, found that the oil in palm oil had a similar […]

Jordyn Woods on her massage parlor business

Jordyn Wood was an independent massage parlour in London, England, when she met Jordan Williams.They made their first appearance in a documentary titled My Life in the Magic Kingdom.The couple met in 2012 at a festival in Belgium.Jordyn had just started her own business in 2013, selling a series of massage parls, and she quickly […]

How to get your massage videos, videos, and pictures from Japan

Japanese massage video and massage chair creator iJoy has teamed up with massage porn pioneer Pornhub to make their videos and photos available to fans of the Japanese massage industry.iJoy says it hopes to bring Japanese massage to the world via the site.“We’ve been a fan of Japanese massage for many years,” iJoy CEO Matt […]

‘Lonely Man’ Loses His Hair For a Gay Wedding Photographer

I remember the day I met my gay photographer, Justin, for my first photo shoot.I’d already gotten my makeup done, and I was waiting for Justin to get ready for the day’s shoot.When I turned around to say hello to him, I was greeted by a giant pink-and-yellow bowtie.It looked like it belonged to Justin.As […]

Which lingerie brand does anal massage in anal?

A massage app in Japan has released a free erotic video in which the company makes anal massagers.The video, called “Kiss Me A Little Bit”, shows two masseurs massaging each other in the bathroom with a circular silicone ring.The company’s official Twitter account has said the video is not an advertisement for the product, and […]

‘Won’t You Please Just Take It Off’? ‘Massage Spa’ Gets Some Bad Reviews

Massage therapists say they’re losing business as people turn to technology to relieve stress and anxiety.The idea is that using the spa’s massage technology to treat a specific ailment can improve the body’s response to treatment.The industry has become so popular that the National Association of Spa and Bodywork Professionals is now campaigning to outlaw […]

Porn star claims she’s had her breasts ‘reminiscent of a dead baby’

After admitting she’s not sure how to masturbate, a porn star claims to have had her nipples ‘remediscent’ of a “dead baby” after having her breasts “reminised”.The unnamed woman, who has not been named, told The Times of London that she had been in a relationship with an actor who had also suffered a miscarriage, […]

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