Ronna Foot Massager, Reflexology, and Other Therapeutic Devices

The FDA recently approved a new class of “therapeutic devices” that can treat some forms of pain in adults and children, but the devices can still be harmful.The devices include a device called the Ronna foot massaging massager and the “reflexologic massage device.”Both devices are supposed to help ease pain from the neck, chest, back, […]

When you need to get your massage at the spa, the New York City massage parlors are here to help

NEW YORK (AP) For many people, getting a massage at a massage parlor is an essential part of a long and fulfilling life.But not every massage is a pleasant experience.A new study from the University of California, San Diego, suggests that, for some, a massage may be the most dangerous thing a person can do […]

Which Japanese oil massage meme is the most hilarious?

We have a few good reasons to love the Japanese oil bath meme.It’s a simple yet powerful meme.Its easy to laugh at and the humor is infectious.As the meme’s popularity continues to grow, it has been used to satirize Japan’s oil industry and Japanese culture.The meme also serves as a way for people in Japan […]

How to relax massage

An product that promises to “relax your muscles and lower your stress levels” may actually have more to do with the massage parlor that hosts it.In a promotional video posted to the Amazon Echo brand, the Amorepacific Muscle Massager promises that “every massage you take will make you feel amazing.”The product is billed as […]

When you can’t sleep, massage therapy can help you relax

An American woman has been forced to leave her massage parlour in Thailand after complaining that her massage therapist had made her uncomfortable.Amanda Taylor-Jones, 24, was on holiday with her family in Pattaya when she began to feel more tired than usual.When she returned to the parlours massage rooms, she noticed that the massage therapist […]

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