A new type of foot massager in Wal-Mart is a sex toy that looks and smells like a foot fetish

A new sex toy has been created by a couple of Californians who say it’s the first of its kind.

The company called “The Man’s Foot Massager” features an arm-shaped plastic body that can be attached to the end of a pair of bare feet.

The product comes with an electric stimulator that can stimulate a person’s genitals and make them cum.

The toy, which is a step up from its predecessor, the Man’s foot, has already garnered praise from a few celebrities and has already been featured on Ellen.

The product, which retails for $29.99, was designed by two men named Steve and Scott.

They were inspired by a man in their area who wanted to be able to “play with his feet.”

When they were looking for a product to do that, they realized the best place to start was with a product that was designed specifically for men.

“I was fascinated by the fact that the only male-specific products on the market were foot massagers, which were the products we used to play with,” Steve told CNN.

“I figured if we could design a foot massage product specifically for women that would be really great.”

The couple decided to combine their love of feet and men and create “The man’s foot,” which was designed to “give you a sense of the sensations that we’re talking about.”

They wanted to create a product “that’s so different, so different in appearance and feel, that you would feel more attracted to it, and it’s going to work for both genders.”

The “man’s foot” is about the size of a basketball, and the product comes in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, blue, purple and purple-pink.

The men’s version features a more realistic silicone base, while the women’s version is made from the same material as the men’s foot.

The men’s product also features a “facial massager” head, which resembles a small sex toy.

The device can be used for massage, massaging and more, as well as to “relax” or “comfort” the person who uses it.

“We designed it to be as comfortable as a foot massage,” Steve said.

“It’s a silicone foot massaging device that we think is a little more affordable and will work with any person.

You can use it on both feet.”

The company’s website has a video about the product, and a description for the product reads, “The ‘man’s’ foot massagener is designed to give you a very realistic sensation that is very different from the foot massage you are used to, which makes it perfect for men.”

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