‘Lonely Man’ Loses His Hair For a Gay Wedding Photographer

I remember the day I met my gay photographer, Justin, for my first photo shoot.

I’d already gotten my makeup done, and I was waiting for Justin to get ready for the day’s shoot.

When I turned around to say hello to him, I was greeted by a giant pink-and-yellow bowtie.

It looked like it belonged to Justin.

As I approached him, the bowtie slipped down his back and hit my cheek, which made me laugh out loud.

Justin didn’t give a crap.

He wanted to take a picture of me.

He wore a pink and blue tie and a pink shirt with an American flag shirt.

He looked like he’d just jumped out of a jetliner.

I didn’t know what to do.

“How’s that?”

I asked him, and he responded, “You look like a lonely man.”

That was the first time I’d seen Justin, and it was the last time I ever saw him.

I was shocked.

It didn’t feel right.

I had been to a lot of gay wedding photography shoots and I hadn’t met anyone who looked like Justin.

He was different.

His hair was white and the only thing that looked like a wig was his nose.

He wasn’t wearing a coat or shoes.

I couldn’t get the words out.

I went back to my phone and started recording.

Justin and I were still getting along great.

We were dating at the time, but Justin wasn’t really in the mood to hang out with me.

I thought he’d be interested in seeing my photos.

The day we met, he showed up at my door with a package waiting for me.

When he opened it, he saw I had an appointment.

He explained that he was the photographer for a gay wedding photographer and asked me to come and shoot some photos.

He also said that the wedding would take place in California and that he would shoot for three weeks.

I told him I didn, but he insisted.

I walked into his office and he was taking a picture.

I asked how he did it.

He said that he’d use a special camera that he made.

It was a Nikon D700 and he had two lenses on it.

Justin was wearing sunglasses and had long hair.

He didn’t say anything.

I said, “Are you okay?” and he replied, “I’m fine.”

I asked if I could take a few more photos with him.

He agreed.

I followed him outside and got his phone out.

He called me back and said, “(Smile).”

He was like, “What is it?”

He told me that I had a “lonely man.”

I had to say, “How are you doing?”

I thought for sure he’d say, “(Nervous laugh).”

He started laughing and said that it was a joke, but I could tell that he thought it was serious.

When we were walking back to the car, Justin said, (I don’t know if it was real or not), “Oh, well, you have a good day.”

I said “Oh yeah.”

I told Justin, “That was amazing.”

I walked out of his office.

I took the bus home and went back into my office, trying to be professional.

I wasn’t feeling great.

The next day I saw him at work.

I sat down and started to write an article about Justin and his work.

My phone rang and it wasn’t Justin.

It sounded like an old friend from college.

I looked at him and said to myself, “He must be so stressed out that he didn’t want to be photographed.

He must have had something to hide.”

I called him, (again, I didn-t know what it was) and said “Hey, can you come over to my office to talk to me?”

He said, Oh, I don’t have time for that.

I then called the wedding photographer.

He told us that Justin had been shooting for three days.

I knew this was fake.

But I didn: I had never seen a guy look so nervous.

He took off his sunglasses and put them on and said he’d take a look at our photos.

I started to think that he might be lying, but then I realized that I’d actually been there.

He asked me how I was feeling and said I looked fine.

I replied, I guess I’m fine.

He went to his desk and pulled out his camera.

I realized he’d been there for days.

He pulled out the camera and asked if we wanted to get married.

I just nodded, and we got married.

He showed me a picture on his phone of Justin and me, and that was that.

Justin did not care about my feelings about him.

That day, Justin had never been happier.

I remember looking at the picture and thinking, “Well, that’s it.

We’ve got a happy wedding.”

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