‘Won’t You Please Just Take It Off’? ‘Massage Spa’ Gets Some Bad Reviews

Massage therapists say they’re losing business as people turn to technology to relieve stress and anxiety.

The idea is that using the spa’s massage technology to treat a specific ailment can improve the body’s response to treatment.

The industry has become so popular that the National Association of Spa and Bodywork Professionals is now campaigning to outlaw the practice.

It’s a battle they’re winning, according to a new report from the non-profit National Association for Business Technology, which found that massage therapy is now the fastest-growing category of business in the US.

Massage therapy, or “massage massage,” is a relatively new term for a type of massage practice that involves massaging a person’s face or body with a hand or a hand-held device, such as a massaging wand.

The use of massage therapy is relatively new, but has been around for centuries.

In the US, it’s not uncommon for people to use massagers to treat anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

Massaging therapy is a highly effective treatment for many disorders, but it can be a bit overwhelming for some.

People can experience anxiety and depression after years of using a massager to treat their conditions, but a good massage therapist can also help ease that stress.

And it’s easier for people who struggle with anxiety to have a good, gentle massage than for people with a difficult condition, said Ashley Foust, an associate professor of occupational therapy and occupational health sciences at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Foust has been researching massage therapists for about two years and found that massage therapy in general is becoming more accessible to people who may not be able to afford a therapist.

The average person with an anxiety disorder has access to massage therapy at least once a week, she said.

“That doesn’t seem to be the case with massage therapy.”

Massage therapist Ashley Foth has studied massage therapists to find out if they’re helping people cope with anxiety and stress.

Fournier Massage Therapy in Seattle has more than 1,000 clients, many of whom are women who struggle to manage their anxiety or depression.

They’re not necessarily trying to improve their mental health or mental performance, but they’re trying to find ways to do things that help them.

“What they do is they massage you in a certain way to help you relax, or get your energy up and move,” said owner Amanda Burch.

“And they do that with a lot of gentle hand movements, not heavy hands, just gentle hand motions.”

Burch said her clients often come to the spa after their treatment, and she’s noticed a change in the way she sees people.

“When we were a small business, we had one person come in and just stare at us and stare at the wall and not even say anything,” she said, noting that the clientele changed when they realized the spa was offering the service.

Foth’s study, which surveyed a sample of 1,800 massage therapists in the United States, found that just over half of the massage therapists surveyed said they felt that massage therapists’ clients were generally able to feel comfortable with the service they provided.

A second survey, conducted by the non.profit NABTT, found similar results.

“In fact, most massage therapists reported that clients were able to relax and focus and enjoy the massage with ease,” the report stated.

“Massage therapists who responded to the survey reported a significant decrease in the amount of clients who felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable at the spa and a significant increase in clients who were able, after a massage, to return to their normal routine and feel as though they were still in control.”

Bunch, who said her business has seen more than $5 million in sales since the launch of Massage Massage in 2012, said she’s seen a steady increase in the number of people visiting the spa to use the technology.

“I think that’s what’s happening in this industry is people are finding a place where they can go for the massage and feel good about it,” she told New Scientist.

Burch has been offering Massage massage therapy for several years.

She said she first became aware of the technology when she was working at a hospital.

She realized that there was a lot more information out there about massage therapists than the ones she knew.

Massaged massage therapists can be expensive, but some therapists charge up to $150 per session, and the majority charge less than $25.

Burt has seen clients in her 30s and 40s who she believes have no problem spending $100 to $200 on a massage.

Massages are becoming more common in the workplace, and many employers are beginning to offer massage therapy as a way to deal with stress.

But not everyone is convinced.

One survey of massage therapists by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average age of massage therapist was 40, and most were white.

“We’re seeing a lot less people of color

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