Exotic massage therapist takes Bitcoin plunge

An ex-professional masseur has opened up to Crypto Coins about his time as a Bitcoin exchange broker.

Mark Danko, a former investment banker, was an early Bitcoin entrepreneur and one of the first Bitcoin exchange brokers.

He says he started his crypto-business in 2012, but lost out on a $300,000 commission to the likes of Bitfinex and Poloniex, which was due to his Bitcoin trading position.

He says he lost his job and has been trying to find work ever since.

“I’ve tried to get a job as a virtual assistant or something,” he says.

“It’s not really something I’d consider for the time being, because of the volatility of Bitcoin and the difficulty of finding work in the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

Danko says he has been looking for work ever ever since, and has also had several offers from companies looking to hire him.

“The people who have asked me to do this are definitely a little bit older than me, and they’ve asked me, ‘I’m a Bitcoin investor, and how do you know I can get a gig working on Bitcoin?’

I say, ‘Well, I’m the guy who is making this money.

I know this, and I’m going to give it to you,'” he says, explaining that he has started a company that is trying to offer virtual assistant jobs in Australia.

The other day, Dankos co-founders a bitcoin exchange called Coin.dice to accept bitcoin.

It has been working with other Bitcoin exchanges, but Dankoes co-founder says they are currently working with Coin.

Dice, which is backed by an undisclosed company, is a payment processor that allows Bitcoin exchanges to accept payments in Australian dollars.

Dankos says he is a little nervous about what his future holds, but he hopes his experience will open people’s eyes.

“If people start to understand the benefits of being a Bitcoin user, and people start understanding how it works, that would be really great,” he said.

“We’re not going to have a whole lot of money to spend, so I think it would be great if more people start taking bitcoin seriously.”

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