Why does the Oakland A’s need to hire a lot of therapists?

A lot of the time, when a player is injured, they’re just sitting around and thinking about the next game.

But this season, the A’s have a whole bunch of injuries that are just preventing them from doing anything, so they need to get in the mood.

The team has a couple therapists who are able to do the work.

We have two guys who do a lot more of the work than others, and they’re able to go to a lot different therapists to help out with a lot, depending on the situation, and it helps us to be able to be more creative and more open to the players.

One of them does a lot with the back, the other does a little bit with the shoulders.

The therapist that’s working with the shoulder issue has a very strong connection with the players, and we have a really strong connection.

We try to go out of our way to have a good relationship with them.

They know what we’re going to do with the backs, so if there’s any questions they’re going take care of them.

We’ve got a lot that we’re able on the back side of things.

We’re also able to take care on the shoulders, so that they can have a better shoulder and we can get them moving more quickly.

We want to keep them healthy.

We do have a couple other therapists that do some of the shoulder work.

I think that’s what we want to do to keep our players in good shape, but we can’t always do it on the field, so we try to keep the players in better shape.

The A’s are always in a good spot, and I think they’re in a great spot right now.

I mean, we’ve got some great players on this team, and some players we’ve never had, so you always want to have the best players on the team.

I like how they’re working together, and you know, there’s so many players in the league.

There’s not a lot going on, but it’s always good to have players that can work well with each other, and then it’s just a matter of having good communication, getting the right coaches on the staff, and the right things to do.

That’s all it’s all about.

You know, I just don’t think they’ll be able keep it up in a year.

We all know that.

The fans are going to be out in force.

They’re going see their team come in, and if they’re not happy, then we’re not going to like it, so I’m sure they’ll get their money’s worth.

But I don’t want them to have that kind of time, because it’s so important to us to keep it on track, and to keep guys playing.

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