What you need to know about anal massage machines

I have always been interested in anal massage and anal massage equipment.

I am an anal massage machine enthusiast and have spent a lot of time researching anal massage companies and equipment.

When I first saw the video above of an anal masseur making a very powerful blowjob I thought, wow.

I have never heard of anal massage devices before.

I thought maybe they weren’t as advanced as I thought they were.

I was wrong.

When the video starts, you can see the machine is in operation.

You can see how the masseur’s ass is being manipulated, and it feels incredible.

As the video goes on, you will see the masseurs legs being massage by a person in an open, white lab coat.

The person is sitting behind the woman and, after several minutes, she is doing the same thing as the masseuer.

The man is sitting on the man’s back and the woman is in the back of the booth.

She is making anal massage by pushing the man back into her vagina, pushing his ass down and then getting up and moving his ass back in the same position she was doing before.

Then she gets her ass up and the guy moves his butt back in that same position and the man puts his hands in her vagina and pulls out the penis from her.

I’m still not sure what the point of the machine was, but the machine feels amazing.

And the man?

He’s clearly very turned on by the scene and has his hands out and is rubbing his penis all over the place.

It seems like the masseuse is getting all her orgasms in one hand.

You might not be able to do it yourself, but this is a video I think anyone can do with a little bit of experience.

The video ends with the man and woman both getting their own hand on the woman’s clitoris.

It looks like the machine had done the job.

You may not want to do this at home, but if you want a lot more stimulation, you might want to try it.

And remember, it’s not always going to be a blowjob, and you need good technique to get that kind of stimulation.

You will be surprised at how powerful it is.

Watch the full video above.

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