How to get a massager in Japan

The world’s top-selling brand has been selling massage equipment in Japan for years, but now its Japan-only brand, Kano, is offering massagers in its store.article title Massage parlour with an unusual name article Japan is a nation obsessed with cosmetics, and the Japanese have a habit of naming their products after famous Japanese brands.

Now, the company behind the popular Kano Spa is giving the world a unique name, Kanna Spa.

Its been around since 2004, and Kanna has been offering massages to customers in Japan since 2008.

Its one of a number of Japanese massage parlours to have opened up shop in the US, and its owner, Masayoshi Kanna, has already set up a US branch of his company in New York.

Now Kanna is introducing a new kind of massager to the market, one that uses the body’s natural oils and water.

Its called the Nectar, and it’s the first to feature an automatic water release valve, allowing the user to use up their oil.

It comes in three sizes, the smallest one that is around the size of a normal hand pump, and can be used for 30 minutes, the largest one which is over five times that.

Kanna Spa sells the Nederland, the Kano Aqua, and one of the other massagers, the Norske, as well as the Naturist, a massage wand that costs $79 (£51) and comes with a massage oil cartridge.

It’s available from the Kanna store in New Jersey for around $100 (£75), and you can order yours from the company website.

The Nederlands comes with three different oil types, including an almond oil, lavender oil, and coconut oil, while the Kanae are more traditional and have coconut oil.

Kano is offering the Nerske for around the same price, at $140 (£110).

The company’s website says it’s developed its own formula, and says it has a range of other products that use different oil varieties and is always working on improving its technology.

Kanae says its a natural product and can only be used in the shower, and that it’s more than just a massaging wand.

It can be set to release oil directly into the massage oil, or when it’s being heated, to make the massage better, according to the company.

The Nectar features a water-releasing valve, which can be triggered by a pressure in the massage wand or by pressing down on the wand.

The Kanna Aqua has a manual release valve which works differently, according the company, and requires a pressure of up to 1,200 times the normal amount to trigger it.

The Kanaes have an automated water-release valve, too, which you can turn on by pressing a button on the side of the wand, and there are two versions of the Nesks.

The first, called the G-Cord, releases oil directly, while others, called N-Cords, only release oil when the wand is heated.

The G-Coord comes in two sizes: the smaller, which is the size you can use to massage for up to 20 minutes, and then the larger, which has a pressure gauge that can be adjusted to a range from a very small to one that can release oil in as little as 10 seconds.

You can buy the Kannas Nectar here:

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