Which countries are getting the best massage treatment?

By ALEXANDER LOPEZ and ROBERT WATSONThe BBC’s Alejandro Lopes reports from the capital, Brasilia.

We start with a simple question: which countries are having the best quality of massage therapy?

It turns out that the answer to that question is a bit trickier than you might think.

In fact, there are many different categories of massage therapists and treatment methods, which is why it is hard to narrow down the best.

So we decided to use a new tool that measures the quality of each type of treatment in different countries: the Interpersonal Care Quality Index (ICQI).

This is the index that is created when the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) publishes the quality ratings of massage and acupuncture clinics.

It was developed by a research team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is based on interviews with massage therapists, therapists, and other health professionals.

The index was developed as a way to track the quality and accessibility of different types of treatments in different places.

It has an overall score of 100 and each of the 100 countries is ranked by the ICQI score.

So, what is the ICRIQ?

It is a ranking of countries according to the quality that massage therapists are providing in different areas.

The ICRCIQ is based upon the quality rating of massage services provided in the most popular massage and health spa facilities in each country.

For example, in the US, massage therapists receive a 10 out of 10, while acupuncture therapists receive an overall rating of 12 out of 20.

In addition, the ICRCI also gives an overall assessment of the quality level of massage service, which gives a score of 10 out to 100.

For example, if a massage therapist in Brazil has a score over 100, that means that the massage has been extremely good.

The best massage in Brazil is also usually delivered in a very good way.

In terms of the other two measures, the InterPersonality Quality Index is a scale of the number of people who have the same level of interpersonal skills.

The InterPersonal Quality Index measures people’s attitudes, values and beliefs about people, which helps to determine whether people will respond well to the massage or not.

The ICQCIQ measures the level of social and economic wellbeing, which includes the number and quality of jobs and the availability of health services, as well as quality of education and job prospects.

The Interpersonal Quality Index was developed using interviews with 200 massage therapists in Brazil and was recently published.

The authors of the ICQL are the team of Dr Antonio Ribeiro and Dr José Luis Mendes.

They were joined by Dr Sergio Mascarenhas, a Brazilian-born American who studied massage in the United States.

Mascarenas and Ribeireos have published their findings in the journal Intensive Care Medicine.

They found that the ICIQ was lower in the Philippines, the United Kingdom and South Korea, with scores of 10 and 9 respectively.

They then compared the ICqI scores of massage providers in those countries with those in the UK, France and Germany.

The results showed that massage providers were rated lower in France and South Korean, but the ICiqI score was still higher in Brazil.

In the United Nations General Assembly, the International Association of Massage Therapists (IAMT) is a professional body representing massage therapists around the world.

The IAMT’s website says that the IAMTS is working to improve the quality standards in massage and related healthcare, but also to ensure that massage therapy is accessible to everyone.

The findings are interesting in two ways.

First, there is a direct correlation between the ICQUI scores and the ICQuei score.

This means that massage treatment providers are more likely to have an ICQCI score of 9, and massage therapists who receive a higher score are more also likely to receive a high ICQIQ score.

Secondly, the results show that massage practitioners receive lower scores on the Interpersonality Quality index than other health care professionals.

In fact, massage therapy professionals were rated as less social, caring and respectful compared to other health providers.

The study suggests that the higher scores on these two measures may be a result of the social skills of massage practitioners, who may be less able to cope with the social environment.

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