‘I just can’t get enough of this’: How the UK’s most popular massage company is struggling to find a buyer

A masseuse is facing the prospect of losing her job after refusing to work with male clients.

A woman who works at the London-based Bodymassage Spa said she was forced to leave her job due to “lack of demand” for her services after customers refused to take the men topless on a massage parlour in south London.

The unnamed employee said she has been told her job is not going to be reinstated as the company struggles to find clients who are willing to pay for a massage and she has lost her job.

“I was just about to go on strike, so I just had to go out and do the job,” the woman told the BBC.

She said she had to work as many as 12 men at a time, which caused her to feel “uncomfortable”.

“I had to be careful not to get any tattoos or make any other sort of marks or anything like that,” she said.

“It’s been stressful, I’m really unhappy.”

The masseuse has also found it difficult to get a replacement masseuse.

“The people that I’m looking at right now are just getting older and there’s just no ones that are as good as I am.

I’ve been really lucky with the people I’ve worked with and I’ve had amazing experiences with them,” she added.”

But there are people out there who aren’t as good, who are just not going as hard, that I just can not get enough.”

The body massager, who has worked for the spa for 10 years, said she found the majority of clients refused to pay to go topless.

“We had people who would say ‘I don’t want to do that.

I’m not going on a date with you and I’m just going to go home and watch Netflix’,” she said, adding that some clients had refused to work because they did not want to have sex with her.”

For the women, there’s a little bit of fear, because they don’t know what’s going to happen, because I don’t feel safe around them,” the massage therapist added.

The spa is known for its erotic massage services, which attract a loyal clientele of male clients who often have a “sexually aggressive” reputation.

“Our clients come to us to enjoy our services, to take advantage of the massage and the sex,” Ms Hickey said.

However, her business has recently been struggling due to a drop in demand.

“A lot of our clients don’t even know what we do.

Some have only heard of us by name,” she explained.”

Some of them just go in and have sex and there is no one there to give them advice.”

While Ms Hodge is struggling, she said her employer was doing everything it could to find new clients.

“At the moment we have about 20 people coming in every week, but it’s really hard to find people to do our massage,” she concluded.

“If you’re not a masseuse, I don`t know what you’re doing.

It’s hard to get people who are going to take risks with us.”


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