How to treat t-shirt fetishism

A t-shirts fetish is not uncommon among young women who spend more time on the couch than in the bedroom.

A number of online forums have sprung up to offer a variety of techniques for dealing with the fetish.

Here are five tips to help you treat t, or tshirt, fetishism.


Ask for advice from a trusted source.

Many t-shirted fans are aware of the risks associated with being a victim of the fetish, so if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable about being t-sleeve-clad, there’s always a trusted male friend or other source of support to talk to. 2.

Talk about it with your t-doll partner.

It’s often a very good idea to tell your partner about your t shirt fetish, even if it doesn’t lead to a serious physical confrontation.

If you’re not comfortable talking about it, talk about it openly and openly with your partner.

If your partner is concerned about being in the closet, you can offer them reassurance that you aren’t a closet t-dresser, or that you’re comfortable being t shirtless.

This can be a good way to open up a space where you can share your tshirt fetish without being judged.


Tell a stranger about your fetish.

Talk to a stranger, whether it’s a friend, family member, or online.

If it’s your first time talking to a person about a t-t-shirt, ask them if they’d be willing to do some research on your fetish, and then give them the names of a few trusted people you trust to find out more.


Keep your t shirts in a closet.

T shirts are a popular way to hide a tat, so be sure to make sure your tshirts are kept separate from your other items, so that no one can see your t Shirt fetish can be extremely intimidating, but if you’re ready to be more confident, try to keep them hidden away.


Get a professional massage.

There are tons of t-shop massage shops and erotic massage therapists available in the United States, so you can definitely find a massage that is geared toward t-girl fetishists.

It can be fun and safe to try some of these options for a free or low-cost t-assist.

If a t shirt is causing you anxiety, you might also want to consider getting some medical attention.

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