The best massage massage for lower back pain

A woman has claimed she has been given a massage for a back pain she has never felt before, by a stranger.

Samantha Lee was taking a short walk with her partner when she noticed a woman coming towards her.

“I’m so happy to see her, and she’s actually really friendly,” she said.

“She was just really friendly and she was asking if I needed any help.”

“She came and grabbed my arm and she said, ‘I’ve got a massage you can come and have a look at it’.”

But after the massage Samantha felt her back pain getting worse and a headache coming on.

“It just started to hurt,” she told News24.

“And she said she had an issue with her back and she had been getting it for a while, and that she had found out the massage was a scam and that the masseuse was doing this for her, so that she could make money.”

So I said, well, what’s the point of having a massage if it’s a scam?””

I had a massage, I didn’t want to go through the pain again.

“The massage therapist, Samantha, says she was in the right place at the right time.

Read more:A Facebook post by Samantha Lee, who claims to have had a ‘back massage’ for a neck pain, has sparked a debate on social media.”

For some reason, it just feels good, like it’s not a headache at all,” she wrote.”

But then I went to the bathroom and it was a little worse, and it felt like a little lump on my neck.

It was definitely worse than a headache, so I went back and had a second massage.””

But it was just another headache, another neck pain that was so bad that it didn’t feel good.

“Ms Lee says she had never experienced a massage like this before, but said the experience left her feeling ‘a bit dizzy’.”

I think it was actually quite strange, because I felt really tired, so there was nothing to be distracted from,” she explained.”

The massage was like a warm bath and then a massage that was kind of really gentle and soothing and really relaxing.

“Ms Lewie says the experience gave her the confidence to tell the masseuses about the scam.”

This was just a really positive experience, so now I feel more confident about speaking up and telling people about it,” she added.”

People have actually come forward and said they were having similar experiences.

“She says she has had more than 30 massage appointments since, and says she feels confident talking about the experience to others.”

There’s a lot of people that I talk to that I know, who I know have had the same experience, and I know that a lot more people are having this experience, or are having similar experience,” she says.”

Because it’s very common, and people will feel scared to speak up, because they might get into trouble, so it’s really important that people speak up about this.

“Ms Lees therapist says people should not be duped by fake massage therapists.”

You need to know who you’re talking to, you need to be able to tell if this person is genuine or not,” she explains.”

What you’re really trying to do is to be very confident in what you’re doing, because it’s such a common experience.

“Ms Lu says she believes Samantha Lee’s story is true, and believes other women have had similar experiences.”

These are all very common experiences,” she adds.”

If you’ve had one or two, it’s probably not going to happen to you.

You just need to do your research and find the right people.


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