‘Prostate Massage’ to be performed at a Chinese massage spa

“In China, we have seen a lot of massages being performed by Chinese massage therapists, which are doing massages on the surface of the body.

But the massages are not done with the clients body in mind.

I think this is a really bad idea and a very dangerous practice,” said Anil K, an American massage therapist.

“I think we need to be cautious about this,” said Mr K, who has been performing massages in China for the past 20 years.

He said that while Chinese massage is not a medical or medical treatment, the practice of massaging the clients pubic area with their hands is not good for them.

“This is a very risky practice,” he said.

“If a massage therapist does this, it’s a serious breach of the law and a violation of the standards of the medical profession,” he added.

Mr K said he was concerned that some Chinese massage practitioners are performing their masseuses with the intention of treating their clients with a disease, which could lead to cancer or other serious health problems.

“People should be concerned about what’s going on,” he urged.

“It’s important that people do their research before they do any kind of medical treatment or other kind of treatment,” Mr K added.

“We can’t do anything without consent.

This is not medical, this is not ethical.

This kind of massage practice is not right.

It’s wrong,” said Dr Anil Kumar, the medical officer of the Health Ministry, who spoke to the media about the issue.

According to the American National Hotels Association, in the US, massage therapy has been a popular form of medical and medical treatment since the 1970s.

However, in recent years, the use of massage therapy as a medical treatment has been on the rise.

The American Medical Association, a group of leading doctors, doctors associations, and medical professionals, issued a report in June 2016, which stated that in the United States, massage is an accepted medical treatment.

Since then, massage therapists have been able to practice in the USA without being subject to health and safety requirements and regulations.

Chinese massage therapists in the city of Chengdu in southern China.

Source: Reuters News Agency (Originally published November 14, 2018).

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