When you need to get your massage at the spa, the New York City massage parlors are here to help

NEW YORK (AP) For many people, getting a massage at a massage parlor is an essential part of a long and fulfilling life.

But not every massage is a pleasant experience.

A new study from the University of California, San Diego, suggests that, for some, a massage may be the most dangerous thing a person can do to themselves.

In the study, researchers surveyed 4,000 people about their use of massage therapy in an outpatient setting.

They found that 45% of the people who use massage therapy were experiencing some kind of physical or mental health problem, including:Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, or substance abuse.

For the study’s authors, the findings are worrisome.

“We’re not talking about a single issue, we’re talking about people who are suffering from many issues, many of them mental health issues,” said lead author Jennifer Meehan, a doctoral student in health policy and management at UC San Diego.

“When you’re dealing with physical health issues, you’re really having to put yourself in the place of someone who is suffering, and we know that there’s no one that has that type of trauma and anxiety and depression that people with these issues are suffering,” Meegan said.

“It’s not that people who have those issues don’t want to get their massage.

They do, and it’s an uncomfortable experience.”

While the survey found that massage therapists and massage parls were the most likely to report psychological or physical problems, many people who were seeing a therapist for these issues were also reporting problems with their massage, including depression and anxiety.

For many people with mental health problems, they can feel isolated from their therapist.

The lack of contact between therapists and patients is one reason some people find themselves spending their days in the therapist’s office, Meehauser said.

But, for others, a physical therapist may have no other option but to take them to the spa for their physical health needs.

“That’s a really good idea, to make sure you get your body massaged, and to make it feel safe and comfortable for your body to be massaged,” Minkahans said.

For example, a therapist might suggest that a patient go to the massage parld for their own health, while a patient might need to visit the spa to get an X-ray.

In a previous study, the University at Albany found that when people with chronic health conditions went to a spa for physical health services, they had significantly more anxiety and other symptoms than those who didn’t go to a physical health provider.

“This study suggests that the relationship between physical health and mental health is important, but it’s also important to remember that mental health needs are not the only ones,” said Dr. Laura Mabry, the director of the Center for Community Health at UAlbany.

“So, we need to make health care more accessible, not less.”

The survey also found that people felt that the physical therapist needed to provide a lot of support, but that this support could be more difficult to find in a spa setting, where they feel isolated.

“Many people don’t feel safe going to a therapist in a place like the spa because of how much stress they’re under,” Mabrys said.

“In a spa, they have that support, and they feel safe there.

But they also don’t know what to do if they need support.

That can be challenging.”

Meehan hopes the study will help to inspire people to take a closer look at their therapists and the massage practices they use.

“People have a hard time coming to terms with what’s going on with their therapists,” she said.

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