How to relax before and after massage

The best and worst times to massage in Denver are all related to your personal comfort.

But, in case you don’t have the time to massage for your clients, here’s a checklist to get you going.

When to massageBefore: 1.

Your massage therapist can be more than just a massage therapist, they can also be a good friend. 


You can relax and listen to what they are saying, without the pressure. 


You are the master of your own massage, you can get the client to relax with you and the massage can be as relaxing as possible.


You may want to massage their hands as well, to see how they feel and the difference between the massage and a traditional massage.5.

It’s important to massage them in a calm, non-threatening manner and make sure the client feels safe.6.

You want to keep the massage short and to the point, without overdoing it. 7.

If the massage therapist is a bit busy, make sure they are nearby, or they can help by calling your hotel.8.

You will get some really great feedback on how you are handling the massage.9.

You don’t want to feel pressure, just relax and let them help you with whatever you are trying to do.10.

You need to be mindful of the client’s feelings and their reactions, especially if they are sensitive.11.

You do not want to get in the way, either by not touching them or not having them do anything you are asking.12.

You cannot do the massage alone, so you will need a partner.13.

You also need to keep in mind that some massage therapists will be more experienced than others. 


The massage therapist will need to work with the client in the massage room, to help keep the client focused and in control. 


The more experienced you are, the more you will be able to relax. 


You have to do it in the room where the client will be.17.

You know the massage, so the therapist has to do the rest. 


The therapist is not a massage guru, they are more of a massage coach. 


It is important to keep a distance between you and your client.20.

You should have a massage table or a massage chair in the same room. 


You must have a good rapport with the massage therapists. 


You won’t feel pressure if you massage a client who is in pain or upset.23.

You’ll get great feedback from your massage therapist about how the client is doing. 


Your therapist will have to work closely with you during the massage process, which is a great time to have them come over and watch you. 


You’ll have a lot of options.

You could choose a massage from a large spa, massage parlors or from the local massage parlor. 


 It is important that you work closely to make sure you get the best massage experience for the client. 


If the client does not have a particular type of massage therapist or you feel like they have a problem, you may be able find someone who has a personal interest in their particular massage. 


Sometimes, if you don, you are not comfortable with the type of treatment you are getting and you might be better off not doing it.

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