How a massage helps moms and dads relax

The mommy-and-dad type of massage that helps mom and dad relax can be just as effective as a full-body massage, according to research published Monday in the journal Current Biology.

The study was led by researchers from the University of Florida and the University at Buffalo in New York.

They looked at how massage was used in the United States in 2008 and 2010 to determine how effective it was.

Their results showed that the mother and the dad experienced more relaxation than the average person.

While moms were able to feel better than dads, they still were not as good at relaxing as the average individual.

So, why is it that moms can be so much more relaxed than dads?

It may have to do with the way they have a history of trauma, the researchers said.

For example, moms may experience more trauma as they age, and may be more likely to have health issues, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Moms also tend to be more involved in their children’s lives, and might have less time for their own physical care, the study said.

And while moms are more likely than dads to be employed, their stress levels are lower.

And, they are more stressed out and are more prone to depression, they said.

It may also have to to do, the scientists wrote, with the fact that dads spend more time with their children, or the fact they work less.

This could be because dads are more focused on their children and have more time to spend with them, the authors said.

They did not look at the types of massage techniques used in each state.

In Florida, for example, parents did not have a lower stress level compared with moms.

Even so, the mothers reported feeling more relaxed.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Duhon, a professor at the University’s Department of Family Medicine, said in an interview with CNN, “The fact that mothers were able at least as much as fathers was surprising.”

Dr. David M. St. Pierre, a pediatrics and preventive medicine physician at University Medical Center of Miami, said, “This is a real, very promising study that highlights a significant difference between mothers and fathers in their responses to massage.”

He said the study shows that “massage, while it may be a therapeutic and soothing activity, is not necessarily the optimal therapy for all moms and fathers.”

The study, which was conducted between February and June, involved a random sample of 2,000 adults in Florida and New York who answered questions about their massage habits and health, and then were randomly assigned to one of three groups: mothers, dads and non-parents.

Massage treatments were used to determine which moms and parents were more likely or more likely that they felt less stress during the visit.

The researchers found that mothers reported significantly more relaxation and overall relaxation during the massage than fathers, and the mothers also reported significantly less stress compared with the non-parent group.

It was unclear whether the mothers were more active, which could be due to their higher exposure to massage as adults, or simply were less stressed.

The findings are important for mothers, who often have a lot of stress during pregnancy, said Dr. St.-Pierre.

He said they may be especially important for fathers because it may help them relax more and have a less stressful experience.

“There is this myth that if you have a high stress level during pregnancy you are going to have a stressful experience at the end of pregnancy,” he said.

“This research shows that if fathers can relax more during the process of delivery, they’re going to be happier and healthier at the beginning of the process.”

Dr Duhons said in addition to the research, the team hopes to further explore the relationship between the massage techniques and mothers’ and fathers’ health.

A previous study, published in the same journal in 2016, found that massage therapy could reduce stress and depression in mothers, but it also showed that mothers experienced more anxiety and depression than fathers.

However, there were some limitations to the 2016 study, Dr. Dushon said.

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