Watch as a massage office chair takes your foot into a massage session

New York Times article New Yorkers who enjoy massages on the go often turn to the armchairs of massage shops, but some have noticed a trend among massage machines: Some have been made for men.

The New York City-based massage company, Brookstone, has made a few.

The company makes massage chairs with a removable armrest, and it makes them with the same style as the armrests used by brookstones at some massage parlors in the U.S. But there are a few differences: The armrest is a handrest, not a full-length armrest.

There is no “foot massager” feature.

It’s meant for the man, not the woman.

For most men, it is just a foot massage.

And unlike a brook stone, it’s not designed to provide the same sensation as a brooches hand massage.

Instead, it acts like a hand massager for the user.

Brookstones “full-length” armrest allows users to use a wider range of massage positions, including the “shoulder to shoulder” position, the “lumbar spine to pelvis” position and the “spinal spine to hips” position.

The hand-sized armrest also allows users of Brookestone’s chairs to massage their wrists.

The full-size armrest can also be used for manual massage, Brooks said, if a massage machine is nearby.

“You just touch your fingertips to the chair and then slide it up and down.

It feels very natural, and the chair doesn’t require a lot of effort,” said Brook stone sales director Laura Hulshby.

“The chair is meant to be comfortable, and if you don’t like the feeling, just put it down.”

It’s an interesting move by Brook, which also makes other massage chairs that offer more customization, including a larger armrest that offers more options for positioning the chair.

But for those looking for something more luxurious, the Brookstoners chair does include some customization options.

For those who are looking for the best massage chair in the city, they can check out Brook stones online store.

And while some may not like that, the chair does have a ton of other features.

“It’s very versatile,” said Hulstby.

It has “no flex points” and is designed to be flexible.

It also has “a built-in seat” that’s easy to reach with a finger, a built-ins “hand massager,” a built in “sensors” that monitor temperature and pressure, and a built “spine to hips,” which can help to massage the spine.

Brooks chair comes with a warranty and Brook Stone has been working with its customer to make it easy for them to return their chair.

“We’re always looking to make our chairs better,” said John Stacey, vice president of sales and marketing for BrookStone.

“Brookstone chairs have been our number one selling product for nearly two decades, and we’ve been proud to continue to offer a full line of chairs that customers can trust.

It will help our customers enjoy their massage time even more.”

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