How to massage a gua shark

A Chinese-born massage therapist has posted an instructional video on YouTube showing how to massage the head of a guanxi shark in order to restore a person’s sight.

The Gua Shao, also known as the shark of Shaolin, is a powerful and popular tourist attraction in China.

The video shows the trainer using a “specially-designed, specially-trained, and carefully-controlled” machine, called the “Bamboo Hand”, to massage the shark’s neck and torso.

The method, however, involves a rather more sophisticated technique.

The technique involves applying pressure to the head, and is done with the help of a small, specially crafted device called the Guanzi Hand, according to the video’s description.

It’s not clear how the technique works, but the video shows a patient sitting in a chair, which is held in the practitioner’s hand.

The person’s vision is also affected, with a blurry image being presented on the monitor.

The practitioner also rubs the shark, causing it to cough and squeal.

The procedure is called “bamboo hand” massage and it is a relatively common treatment for the condition.

The Guangzhou-based website Dongbaixian reported on Thursday that the video had more than 6.5 million views on YouTube.

The Guanzi hand is a highly specialized device designed to massage and massage a shark’s head and torso, and it has been used in China for over 100 years.

In 2017, an elderly Chinese man in the southwestern province of Shandong was admitted to a hospital after suffering a seizure when he tried to massage his guanzi shark head.

The shark’s tail is held by a rope around the man’s neck, which causes him to feel pain when he touches the animal.

In 2019, a Taiwanese man who was in his 50s died after the shark suddenly stopped moving after it became agitated.

The man, who was sitting on a beach, had a stroke after he attempted to massage its head.

In China, the Gua Shark is a tourist attraction that attracts millions of visitors each year, but its popularity has declined in recent years due to increased restrictions on visitors and other public safety concerns.

The Shark is not the only fish to suffer from the effects of tourism in China, however.

In October 2017, a man in a fishing boat in Qingdao, Shandung province, died after he accidentally struck the shark with his fishing pole.

He reportedly used the device to remove its head and tail.

In December, a Hong Kong man died after accidentally striking a shark in the mouth, while the Guanxi Shark’s body also became entangled in his fishing gear.

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