Which companies can take a nap?

Business Insider has found that you can take some downtime at home if you have a bit of time.

The latest study suggests you can sleep more comfortably when you’re home than you can when you are on the road.

Here are some of the best places to do so.

Read moreA study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group found that the average American spends more than six hours a day in bed, compared to the three hours it takes to nap in the morning.

But the study also found that people can nap for longer periods of time than they think.

A nap can last up to eight hours, the study found.

According to the survey, the average time spent in bed per day is:10 hours for men: 7 hours for womenThe average time between nap times is:8 hours for males: 6 hours for femalesThe average nap time is:30 minutes for males and 30 minutes for femalesSource: Boston Consulting group, The Sleep Research Institute/University of Massachusetts BostonA study done by the Sleep Research Initiative, a nonprofit research and educational organization based in Boston, found that a typical nap is about 40 minutes long.

A couple hours of snoozing can help you feel rested and refreshed.

But that nap can also be a time when you need to catch up on email, social media, or other forms of entertainment.

If you’re like me, you may also find that the extra nap time helps you focus on your work or studying.

A quick nap can make your mind wander.

Another way to take a break from the busyness of the office is to do a little walking.

Walking is a great way to cool off and let your mind relax.

The Boston Consulting report found that walking in the afternoon is a good time to get outside for a walk or jog, but not so great for a nap.

The average walking time is about 15 minutes for men and 20 minutes for women.

A walk is a safe activity for a healthy lifestyleIf you find yourself in the middle of a busy day or just getting ready to get back into the office, you can do a short walk.

The average walking length for men is 10 minutes, for women it’s 9 minutes.

This is about 10 minutes longer than a nap, according to the Boston Consult study.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your posture and keep your eyes relaxed.

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