When you can’t sleep, massage therapy can help you relax

An American woman has been forced to leave her massage parlour in Thailand after complaining that her massage therapist had made her uncomfortable.

Amanda Taylor-Jones, 24, was on holiday with her family in Pattaya when she began to feel more tired than usual.

When she returned to the parlours massage rooms, she noticed that the massage therapist was not working hard enough to keep her refreshed.

“I was actually having a little bit of a panic attack,” she told the Associated Press news agency.

“The massage therapist wasn’t really pushing hard enough for me to stay refreshed.

So I was actually getting really tired.”

And then, after I woke up, I saw the therapist was making me feel worse,” she said.”

He wasn’t being aggressive enough to make me feel good and I felt like I had to stop, I had had enough.

“Taylor-Jones said she complained to her family about her condition and was told that the therapist would be removed.”

You need to go and have a massage.'””

But they said, ‘No, we don’t want him here.

You need to go and have a massage.'”

The next day, she was offered a massage at a spa in Phuket, Thailand, but said she declined.

“It was not good,” she added.

“It was kind of hard to concentrate.”

According to Thai law, a massage therapist cannot work at a massage parlor for more than six months after becoming employed in the massage business.

A lawyer representing the therapist, Thanasakorn Nithornkorn, told the Bangkok Post newspaper that the woman had complained to the Thai government and had asked for a leave to seek treatment in a clinic in the country’s capital, where the law allows only a “reasonable” number of hours a day.

“She had been at a hotel in Bangkok for two weeks, and she had gone to the spa and the spa did not have a masseur, so she had asked to have a personal massage, but the spa’s staff told her she had to wait,” he said.

According to Nithothornkor, the therapist had only been a massage school instructor for two months.

“But she had worked at the spa for about six months.

So we have to conclude that she was not doing a good job,” he added.”

When you are in this position, it is a very stressful situation,” said Nithornekorn.

“We have to see whether she had been abused, and whether she has suffered from mental illness, but that is not relevant.”‘

We were not really being aggressive’After the incident, Taylor-Jones said she contacted the Thai embassy in Washington, D.C., where she lives.

“After we received that call, the embassy sent us a letter saying, ‘We are aware of your complaint and are looking into it,'” she told AP.

“We have contacted our lawyer, and we are hoping to get her a better position in the future,” she continued.

“There was a massage salon in Phuoc Tun, Phukets, but it is not a good place to work.

They don’t have any physical therapists or therapists for mental health.

We were not being aggressive at all.”

Taylor Jones, pictured with her husband, said she was told by her family to leave the massage parLIVE UPDATES: Thailand massage trial: The story of a case of sexual abuseThe woman, who has not been identified, did not respond to requests for comment from Al Jazeera.

She has been allowed to return to work at the parlor, but she has received no pay.

“People should have a right to work in their own homes and to be compensated for the work they do, but they are not being compensated,” Nithornsak told the AP.

In a statement to the AP, Pattaya’s Tourism Authority said that the Thai Government “was informed of the case”.

“We are still investigating the matter,” it said.

In February, a Thai court in Pattay ordered the suspension of the massage practice of a massage therapy instructor after a complaint by Taylor- Jones.

In January, Thai prosecutors charged the owner of a Bangkok massage parlance school with rape and sexual abuse.

The accused, identified only as Mokrongporn, was arrested in April and was awaiting trial in the central Thai city of Phuketh.

Police also said on April 3 that the owner was being investigated by the national anti-human trafficking office.

The case is the latest in a string of sexual violence cases in Thailand, where at least 20 women have been raped in the past six months and at least 15 have been assaulted.

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