What to expect from the Battle of Los Santos

The Battle of the Los Santos was the final match in a two-week period that began with the Battle for New Vegas, and continued with the conclusion of the Battle on the Strip.

With the battle coming at the end of a long weekend, many players had more time to get to grips with the game before heading back home.

However, there was one notable change to the Battle that had players scrambling to get back into the game and to keep up with their team’s progress.

It was announced on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms that the game would now feature a time limit.

With two hours of gameplay remaining, the Battle was no longer a two week contest.

Instead, players would be limited to one hour of gameplay per day.

This was a big change for those players who had already played through the entire Battle.

This change has fans of the game, as well as many players, in a tizzy.

It’s not a huge change for many people, as they already had enough time to prepare.

For the most part, players have been happy with the change.

For players who aren’t fans of waiting, however, the battle has given them a reason to not play the game anymore.

With no time limit, there is no way to know when or how much time you’ll have.

It has also opened up some new strategies for players who don’t want to wait around to get the game to a point where they can enjoy it.

With this new time limit in place, there has been a shift towards team tactics.

Players are choosing to attack their opponents, rather than trying to out-think and out-maneuver them.

If they don’t have the time to plan ahead, they’re now playing to their strengths.

This is something that I personally feel, as a player, can be very beneficial.

The Battle was a huge part of the PS4 Pro launch, so players who want to jump into the action should be prepared to make a decision at that point.

This may not be a decision you want to make right away, but it will certainly be the decision that you make when you play a game that is longer than you think you can play.

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