Why are you getting so frustrated at massage therapists?

I’ve been a massage therapist for almost four years, and I can honestly say that my time in the profession has been incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.I have clients who come to me for the most mundane and mundane reasons, and that’s where the frustration comes in.The massage therapists who go through my office are the […]

When you can’t sleep, massage therapy can help you relax

An American woman has been forced to leave her massage parlour in Thailand after complaining that her massage therapist had made her uncomfortable.Amanda Taylor-Jones, 24, was on holiday with her family in Pattaya when she began to feel more tired than usual.When she returned to the parlours massage rooms, she noticed that the massage therapist […]

Walmart to release new $3,500-a-month, all-in-one power supply for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Walmart is introducing a new power supply to its iPhone and iPad line that costs $3.50 to $4.00 per month.The company says the new power supplies can be connected to the iPhone, which it says has the latest software and has built-in wireless charging capabilities.That includes the ability to charge both iPhone 6 and iPhone […]

Which mobile massage apps are the best?

Mobile massage apps like the popular Shesheesh Mobile Massage have made their mark in the massage industry and are now used by thousands of people around the world.But while these massage apps do have some unique features, like the ability to listen to the user and do your own massage, the technology behind them is […]

Swedish massage video gets 4K on YouTube, gets 2K for its Swedish massage

Posted by The Verge on March 25, 2018 04:22:54A few days ago, a video of a Swedish massage service getting the thumbs-up from 4K-enabled phones went viral, and its been viewed more than 2.5 million times.The service’s owner is a Swedish woman named Eklund and her video has already been viewed over 10 million times […]

How to pay for massages with an online gift card

In India, there are many massages packages.There is a wide range of massage prices ranging from the free and the very expensive.The Massage envy website lists more than 200 massage packages.The cheapest one, for a massage, costs around Rs 2,000.Here are the top 10 most popular massage packages that are available on the Massage envy […]

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