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‘Lotus massage video’ gets backlash from ‘LGBT’ community: Gay massage video getting backlash

A video of a gay massage has sparked an online backlash after the gay community called for a boycott of the video.Alicia Deen posted the video on Instagram on Monday.In the video, a woman appears to be in a massage room with two men.Deen says the man who appeared in the video is a masseuse, […]

Foot Massage Videos for Walmart, Foot Massagers and Other Massage Products

By now you probably know that massages can be incredibly pleasurable, but there’s a lot of stuff out there that is just plain gross.You’re probably wondering, where are the good ones?In this article we’ll highlight the best massagers for men and women.Read on to find out what else you need to know about the most […]

Which foot massagers are most effective?

The most effective foot massaging device on the market, according to experts, is a “scented” foot massage.This type of massaging can be extremely soothing and provides relief from foot problems, especially foot pain and swelling.The most common foot massages that people use are foam, gel, and saline.However, the most effective types of foot massage are […]

‘Suspicious’ Korean masseuse suspected of having sex with clients

Anasazi massage parlors in Tampa and San Jose are under scrutiny after the San Jose Police Department received complaints about a massage parLORIGIN: April 29, 2018, 8:04 p.m.PST TACOMA, Wash.— Police say they are investigating a masseuse who allegedly had sex with some of her customers at massage par lorigins in Tampa.The Tampa Police Department […]

How to use massage room com in Android 4.4+

Three months ago, I was surprised to see that Android 4 had a built-in massage room app.Today, Android 4 is the most recent version of Android to support Android massage room.But the massage room still doesn’t have a built in video chat.As such, there’s no easy way to connect to the room.To be able to […]

How to cure the pain of a fake eyelid

The best and most reliable eye care is made with real, certified massage therapists.So when a doctor prescribes an eyelid-clicking prescription, you should trust that you’re getting the best possible treatment.In this article, we’ll dive deep into the science behind the beauty of the fake eyelids and how to get the most bang for your […]

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